The Story of BB...

Bottega Bouquet is a luxury floral and event design company based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. It was founded in 2021 by former actress Evgeniya Chernyshova. The company represents the love process of creating floristic art for any occasion. Capturing a modern European stylistic trademark which showcases the roots of culture and divine elegance. Through the work of a skillful team, Bottega Bouquet shares how much is given by nature's beauty and how easy it is to bring this beauty into luxury for everyday life. The company offers high quality floral and design installation services for Weddings, a variation of different Event Design, Holiday Decoration, Hospitality, Retail and Corporate. As well as more traditional daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly floral arrangements/bouquet deliveries, which are offered through the Bottega Club. Bottega Bouquet is currently a women-led online boutique shop serving the greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Our Mission

Bottega Bouquet strives in sharing the value behind floristic artistry by providing revolutionary floral designs and exceptional services to its customers. At its core, the company stands in support of building long lasting relationships between its team and clients, to then cultivate creations that will go beyond the imagination of experiencing pristine luxury.

Founder Evgeniya Chernyshova

Evgeniya Chernyshova is a woman of many talents. As the head of Floral Design, at Bottega Bouquet her creations and services represent an identity of passion and elegance. At an early age she moved to Europe and began a high fashion modeling career. In Italy, where she lived over 15 years, she began an acting career that led her to exclusive roles in well-known Italian films. During her years in film, Evgeniya expanded her vast experience in the entertainment field worldwide, her international travel and network, of which was personally meeting Pope Benedict XVI and Queen Elizabeth II. Around 8 years ago she moved to Los Angeles, California which today she calls her home. Being a career driven woman is not the only thing that makes her the independent woman she is. She also is a single mom of three beautiful children. Two of whom are also Entrepreneurs in the music industry and business sector. Evgeniya always had a huge passion for floristic design and throughout her life in Europe has arranged high style events for her own family and assisted others. During the lockdown pandemic of 2020, Evgeniya was highly requested by many, to create floral arrangements for their homes. From these requests Bottega Bouquet came to mind and started to flourish. Evgeniya demonstrates the qualities of a leader in her work and advanced knowledge and life experience. She has trained with professionals in the industry and attended world renowned Floristic Academies, from which she received her international certifications as Floral Designer.